Prosperity Talisman Bag: Day 15

Did my normal ritual of circle, four quarters envoking Freyja, banishing, and empowering. I was so excited about my idea to pull from my memory of belief last night but my lack of sleep from the rigorous teaching schedule this week is taking its toll and I just didn't have the energy to try it. I did ask the runes about my general progress and got Mannaz which is sometimes read as the rune of memory  so I felt like that was an affirmation of the idea I had.
 I'm visiting my old roommate (the one who divines with tarot) in a couple days and although she doesn't know much about ritual magic (well, neither do I if you think about it!), she likes to participate with me in circles since I started researching magick, so I'm trying to think about how to adjust my ritual to include her. Printed literature only tells you so much and most of mine talk about theory/history rather than practice*, and frankly, I'm suspicious of a lot of information I read on the internet. I'm on the fence about whether to do my own thing separately, later. I did make her that prosperity talisman that I posted a picture of a couple days ago (the bruised banana moon)  so maybe I can walk her through my own ritual with Freyja but with her own ritual. Does anyone have any thoughts on inviting a deity to a "group" ritual that doesn't have a relationship with that person? I'm concerned that I'm too unpracticed to see all sides of that coin. The more I hear about people's experiences starting out in magick, the more I'd like to avoid a mistake because of naiveté.


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