Prosperity Talisman Bag: Day 14, Eureka!

I figured it out! I realized why I had that dream that I wrote about last night! I'm buzzing with excitement!

At first I thought that my increase in lucid dreams was related to my practicing magick but the content was not so much. More related to generic things. But I applied the number nine to my prosperity mantra and that came from a dream about my numerology. So, not surprisingly, I just found a correlation between last night's dream and something I can use for 30 Day Challenge. 

I was listening to one of the podcasts from Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole (BTW, so glad to have found something with great information that doesn't feel suspect. I'm just loving Hands on Chaos Magic and the podcast) and someone, I think it was Al, said something about how when it all boils down, the real power behind manifestation is belief. Now, that seems like an easy concept to grasp but if you have never believed something so utterly that you knew, with absolute certainty, that you could trust in that thing, then it's just that: A concept. Well, I know that feeling. I believed in the power of the word of God so deeply that I knew if I cast a negative entity (or demon, as I used to call them) in his name, it would be done. I believed it so deeply that even in my most frightening sleep paralysis moments, it would completely calm me. I also believed deeply that no matter what, he would take care of my needs. And you know what manifested itself? Those needs, always in the knick of time, success when I asked for it, etc. Funny, that. That belief started to slip a couple years ago, and you know what started to also slip? Manifestations of my needs and desires.  

So I realize today that I've got one hell of a tool in my toolkit. My subconscious totally gave me conscious access to it! I have already experienced what it feels like to believe something so deeply it manifests itself. I actually know and remember what it feels like, deep in my bones, to have that level of belief. And you know what that means? I can probably pull that memory to the surface enough to exist in that space while I empower my talisman, especially if I give it a sigil and practice. 

So here's my plan for the next ritual: Previously while empowering my talisman, I would sit and imagine what it feels like, looks like, smells like have prosperity. And that's all great and dandy. This time, however, I'm going apply that memory of total belief and knowing that my desire will be manifest to a sigil, and meditate on it until I put myself into a trance state. Then I'll start imagining what it looks like, feels like, smells like to be prosperous while in the space of complete belief.
 I bet this seems obvious for most of you guys, 'cause you all are already badass, but it's a whole new world for me! It's like I've just seen snow for the first time. Oh, also nothing interesting to report on regarding the actual ritual itself. It was relaxing and I repeated my mantra 27 times instead of nine because I messed up a couple times and it pulled me out of my trance.


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