Prosperity Talisman Bag: Day 13

Did my circle and empowered my prosperity talisman with my new mantra nine times. I can actually feel a more intense energy flow when I use the mantra. It feels a little weird to do the ritual in someone else's home but I swore I'd keep up with it. I'm super pooped too. I slept horribly last night and my sleep was wrought with dreams. I had this one particular dream that stood out, though. I dreamt that I was in a giant house that was possessed with some kind of negative entity and I had to rely on my new magic skills to protect myself. But because I'm still in my learning phase, I felt silly using some of the tactics that I've read about rather than the whole, "I command you to leave in the name of Jesus, mother f*cker!" that was my go-to "banishing spell" when I was Christian. There was this booming voice right before I woke up that said, "Decide what you believe and trust it wholeheartedly." I realized that part of the power I was pulling from at that time in Christianity was absolute belief. How's that for hearing one's own subconscious? Sheesh.


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