Prosperity Talisman Bag: Day 11, On the Road Again...

Boy, I had a productive albeit accident wrought ritual! I broke three talismans meant for my trip to teach a class this week (it's a nine hour bus ride), dropped a burning sigil on the carpet, and spilled a bunch of wax on my alter cloth, resulting in this phallic-looking spot that I won't have time to get out until I'm back in DC next week. Sigh. Maybe it's because I *ahem* ran out of wine for Freyja. Don't know how that happened!
Firstly, I empowered my prosperity bag. I decided to add the three hairs I talked about adding yesterday to the bag after I pulled Sowilo for the insight regarding that idea. Since Sowilo is a victory rune and sometimes represents combining your energy with the divine, I think that's pretty clear. Since nine came up in my dreams (see yesterday's post), I decided to repeat this nine times while empowering my bag, "Success, luck, prosperity, financial protection, insight, and courage. Dramatic positive change, and magical empowerment."
I also soldered/carved a talisman for a friend who's going through some financial troubles. It's a moon made out of that yew wood I talked about in my first post with clear quartz and wood burned Fehu. I think it kind of looks like a bruised banana but don't tell her that... I empowered it by imagining prosperity and victory while repeating, "Prosperity and victory!"  nine times over. I got Daeg for that one.

photo_7 photo_4

I have to teach a class several days in a row this week and so I'm hoping that it doesn't prove to be too challenging to continue my ritual. So, I carved, woodburned, and empowered a safe/fast travel bindrune to wear (along with burning a sigil). Guess what rune I got for that? You guessed it! One of the runes of protection THAT I used in my bindrune. I am having so much fun doing this challenge.
You can kind of see where I cracked this one at the top.
It's such a dreary, foggy day. Love it! Safe travels to anyone who's traveling today!

photo (31)

Please follow my progression on the 30 day challenge website, and if you haven't yet, please take a look at Andrieh Vitimus' awesome Choas Magic book. See these posts on as well 


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